artist residency open call


The CYENS Thinker Maker Space is pleased to announce an open call for the Artist-in-Residence Program intended for creative individuals.

Aiming to become a creative and innovation hub in Nicosia’s historic centre, the Thinker Maker Space plans to utilise its Artist-in-Residence Program to expand the knowledge and services of the centre through skill sharing and collaboration. Resident artists will enjoy full access to the makerspace facilities allowing experimentation with advanced fabrication techniques. They will also have the opportunity to present and exhibit their work at the end of the residency. Additionally, artists may co-organise and host a series of workshops and talks relating to their practice and area of expertise.

The makerspace residencies are hosted on a short-term basis ranging from two weeks and up to six months. The open-call invites individuals from the creative industry (creators, designers, visual artists, academics or others) to submit a portfolio and a project proposal.

Applications will be judged and selected by a committee based on project criteria and briefs that are aligned with the makerspace vision and capabilities. Proposals need to include details of the project’s purpose and outcomes emphasising on fabrication methods.


CYENS Thinker Maker Space is a creative hub where art, science and technology co exists and unites. The space encourages technology led innovation, supporting new ideas and practices through experimentation and a multidisciplinary approach. The aim is to support collaborations and socially engaged activities that inspire, educate, train and inform.


• Rapid prototyping
• Traditional making processes
• Electronics and Robotics
• Photography and 3D Scanning
• Workstations


The residency is supported with a monthly stipend allowance of € 1,200 and may include (where applicable): 

• International Travel Expenses
• Expenses for mobility, accommodation, and nutrition
• Workshop expenses and materials
• Remuneration

Applicants should express their interest via email to using the subject line “Application: Thinker Maker Space Artist-in-Residence”.



The Artist-in-Residence Program has three fixed dates for collecting applications. Interested applicants would be informed by the end of the month for each round.

Thank you for your interest.
Applications are currently closed.



Along with your application please including the following documents:

• Curriculum Vitae and portfolio – including links to webpage & social media
• Availability and duration of the project

For any enquires, please contact the makerspace team via email to using the subject line: “Enquiry Thinker Maker Space Residence”.


*to download the Word form, right click on the button and select “Save link as” and then “Keep” document



Who is eligible to apply for the Artist-in-Residence Program?

Anyone who is intended to work on a concept or an idea with the ultimate goal to create a prototype, using the Thinker Maker Space facilities. There is no restriction to the age or profession/discipline of the applicant(s).

What is the suggested duration of a Residency at the CYENS Thinker Maker Space?

The Makerspace residencies are hosted on a short-term basis ranging from two weeks and up to six months.

Does a resident artist need to know how to use the equipment within the makerspace or have specific software knowledge?

No, we have trained technicians that can give you an induction on the equipment and the operation of any machinery. Nevertheless, in the case you need to use specific software during your residency, it is necessary for you to know how to use it as our technicians can only guide you and not give a whole training.

Will the resident artist receive guidance from the makerspace team during the implementation of the project?

The makerspace technicians are always willing to help. You might need to book a consultancy session with them if you need a guidance that will take longer than 20 minutes. The technicians cannot undertake any of the work of the resident artist. They can only guide and assist you without undertaking anything that has to do with the execution of the project.

Is the stipend allowance available for the entire stay, or only up to a certain number of days?

The allowance covers the entire period of the residency (payment each month).

Would you consider a project that would need to collaborate with other parties (creative/makers actors based in Cyprus or abroad)?

We are open to any type of collaborations.

Is the usage of the facilities free of charge or would will it be deductible from the 1200€/monthly stipend allowance?

Everything is free and you only pay for your materials. Your allowance usage is up to you.

In which language should the application be completed?

The application should be in English.

Is the resident artist obligated to use the makerspace facilities during the Residency period?

Yes, the program requires the resident artist to be present within the makerspace facilities at least 3 days a week.

Will the residency be conducted in Greek or English?

There is no restriction to this. The makerspace team are able to communicate in both Greek and English.

Is the €1200 stipend separate from additional support to pay for travel, accommodation, food, material expenses?

The stipend allowance is fixed at 1200 euro per month. We do not have additional funds for accommodation or travel.

In the case there are two artists collaborating, do they each get their own budget or do they share one?

The residency allowance does not change if the number of applicants increases. It remains to 1200€/monthly stipend allowance.