Artist-in-Residence Program
Marisa Satsia

Soon after her artist residency at CYENS Thinker Maker Space, Marisa was awarded a 6 month scholarship at fabricademy, a new school specialising in textiles, digital fabrication and biology! At the moment she is finishing the first half or her fabricademy journey and so far she has experimented with digital fabrication techniques, biofabricating materials, biochromes, computational couture, technical textiles as scaffold, e-textiles, wearables and open source hardware for turning fibres to fabric. During the second half of the fabricademy program, which will take place from late January until late March, Marisa, is focusing on her final personal project whilst continuing her collaborative independent research, online teaching and instructing.

Ibrahim Ince

Since my residency at CYENS Thinker Maker Space, I have progressed into my master’s in Material and Visual Culture at UCL. As an artist as well as a researcher, CYENS Thinker Maker Space has facilitated a space to transfer my theoretical and creative ideas into making – providing me with a dialectic between theory and practice. Progressing from an interest in archival objects, as seen in The Resident Artists Exhibition, I am now theoretically engaging with Cypriot monuments and cultural heritage; their phenomenology as well as digitisation. I am currently an assistant curator in UCL’s Ethnography Collections, formulating both a digital and a physical exhibition with ethnographic artefacts. Perhaps most importantly, the exposure I have gained as a Resident Artist at CYENS Thinker Maker Space has allowed me to network with other creative individuals interested in technology, art and heritage in Cyprus, opening up potentials for future collaborations.

Pavlos Gavrielides

My internship at Thinker Maker Space (TMS), in combination with the stark support of the team itself helped me develop and adapt my technical skills in included but not limited to – computer programming, 3D design, and CNC machining. It also boosted my soft skills in areas like conceptual design, critical thinking, achieving team synergy, and positive thinking.

With the opportunity to rub elbows with people with unparalleled experience in art and technology, I came to value the multidisciplinary approach to projects I was assigned to and deeply invested in. I was also involved with promoting projects I was involved in, along with festivals and events hosted by TMS, both abroad and my current working circles! Having the opportunity to experience this working environment really helped me a great deal to end up as a highly sought-after QA engineer!


samples of PROJECT DEVELOPMENT by pavlos during HIS internship
camera trap
camera trap
camera trap
George Dimoglou

By giving me access to high quality multimedia equipment, such as 360o and drone cameras, 3D scanning technology, and a photography studio, as well as by fostering a collaborative environment powered by creative freedom, the Thinker Maker Space team gave me the precious opportunity to develop in ways I consider ideal, both professionally and personally. Through this internship, I was able to hone my skills in camerawork, sound recording, editing, designing, and photography, both out of and within a studio. At the same time, I gained valued knowledge by assisting in the setup and run of the 2022 WIP Festival, as well as by offering support in posting and writing for our social media. Owing to and following this experience, I currently continue to grow as a Multimedia & Design Officer at CYENS Centre of Excellence.

samples of PERSONAL PROJECT DEVELOPMENT by GEORGE during HIS internship

My time at Thinker Maker Space has been invaluable in providing great insight into how a big organisation manages and runs multiple projects. I worked in administration concerning the Artist in Residence program, hosted evening talks and workshops and was in the team organising the WIP22 Arts & Technology Festival. The hands-on interaction with a variety of programs and participating parties enabled me to advance my communication and writing skills, leading to the opportunity for full-time employment at CYENS.

Alex Charalambous

During my time as an intern here, I got to learn new 2D and 3D modeling programs. Skills like mechatronics and programming got a revamp, finding use in the real world, while my network circle expanded from strictly academic to the industrial area. Also, my first participation in an exhibition with the v-plotter attracted people to my skill set, giving way to the creation of JustMakeItStudio. JustMakeItStudio is focused on creating blueprints of products from furniture to complex machinery. After having this training and space to work, I managed to move up the ranks from the internship position to a junior technician here at CYENS Thinker Maker Space.

samples of PERSONAL PROJECT DEVELOPMENT by ALEX during HIS internship
Dalga Hasmetoglu
My internship at CYENS Thinker Maker Space assisted me to develop my software skills through video editing and content creating for social media platforms. Besides, the technical gear supported by the Thinker Maker Space Media Desk were very facilitative and practical throughout experimenting with media forms. I am currently continuing my studies with a Master of Fine Arts course at the Rome University of Fine Arts. I am looking forward to apply the documenting skills I have developed throughout my internship at the Thinker Maker Space. Apart from from my academic point of view I am applying the knowledge I have gained and explored with social media on various accounts for certain social media platforms. The experience at the Thinker Maker Space has been a splendid gateway to meet amazing artists and to work with several contexts in terms of media.
samples of documentation by Dalga during her internship