data as common ground 14-15 april 2022

In an era of ubiquitous data and technological progress, the growing cloud of information, tools and possibilities often overcasts dissonance rather than clarity. What are data, how are they sourced and disseminated, and how can they contribute towards societal and environmental welfare?

CYENS CoE invites a diverse group of local technologists, industry, governmental and civil society representatives, as well as researchers, academics and invited artists, to unpack the power of data based on their practises and in relevance to the Cypriot context and realities. Special focus is drawn on issues of socio-environmental sustainability and equity, the role of different stakeholders and the dynamics of artistic practises as pillars in innovation and communication.

The presentations and discussions will be realised in two working sessions delving in understanding data as common ground and as agents of creativity, progress, and reformation of our present and future eco/techno systems. The event is organised by CYENS CoE, CYENS Thinker Maker Space & ITICA CYENS MRG in collaboration with PwC Experience Center and it is part of S+T+ARTS Residencies and S+T+ARTS Academies.


The afternoon talks during the first day of the event are open to the public. Due to Covid restrictions, limited spaces are available. Therefore registration is required. You can choose to attend the talks physically or online via the registration links below.


Data: from the cloud to groundwork 14 april


MORNING SESSION (Closed to the public)
Research in CYENS

This session will consist of presentations from selected projects that deal with environmental, urban, and societal data, realised in CYENS’s MRG’s. The presentations and discussions will focus on approaches concerning data analysis and utilisation, allowing time for Q&A and further discussion.


SuPerWorld MRG
CYENS Center of Excellence

Museum Lab MRG
CYENS Center of Excellence

V-EUPNEA MRG & Innovation Department
CYENS Center of Excellence

AFTERNOON SESSION (Open to the public)
Art and Creative Applications

Local and visiting artists, creatives and designers that are considering datasets as mediums in their artistic practise will be invited to present and discuss their experience. Amongst them, the STARTS residence artist Joseph Hovadik will have the opportunity to publicly present his process for the first time.


Joseph Hovadik
S+T+ARTS Resident Artist

Alexia Achilleos
MAD Lab, Cyprus University of Technology

Nemo Nonnenmacher
CYENS Thinker Maker Space Resident Artist

Doros Polydorou
MAD Lab, Cyprus University of Technology

Maria Leonidou
CYENS Thinker Maker Space Resident Artist

& Thanos Vozikis

Nicolina Stylianou
CYENS Thinker Maker Space Resident Artist

& Vasilis Lymbouras