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IAC International Architecture Collaboration

International Architecture Collaboration (IAC), is a community of emerging international design studios, sharing knowledge, research, experience, resources and ideas to challenge and to inspire collective international design and research.

IAC currently includes seven young architectural practices: Anastasiou Misseri, NVBL, LNCL, ++, Das Wilde, Archive for space and WY based in Nicosia, London, Berlin, Budapest, and Mexico City.

CYENS Thinker Maker Space will be hosting the IAC team for the first two weeks of September presenting weekly discussions and invited talks by guest speakers. During their time at the Thinker Maker Space, the IAC team will be conducting a research project that provides a platform to explore, develop and discuss architectural ideas whilst creating a support network for designers and architectural practices.

Project Summary

IAC is interested to explore how design and innovation can re-consider traditional construction materials and methods by focusing on local spaces. The project deals with materials and processes which are usually tied to specific local areas and resources, yet not limited to traditional practices. The team explores alternative uses and applications of local limestone by connecting local and international practices.

The project dives straight into the history of stone construction and mining in Cyprus, through independent research, experimentation and specialists’ contribution. The IAC team aims to showcase the qualities and possibilities of developing stone design and technologies as well as restore the structural use of stone in architecture.

All talks and workshops will be open to the public and will be held at the CYENS Thinker Maker Space premises. To register click here

Event 1#
Friday 3rd September, 6PM

Monte Bettogli, Carrara: in the marble quarries men and machines dig the mountain. 
“Il Capo” (The Chief) manages, coordinates and guides quarrymen and heavy-duty machines using a language consisting solely of gestures and signs. Conducting his dangerous and sublime orchestra against the backdrop of the sheerslopes and peaks of the Apuane Alps, the Chief works in total noise, which create a paradoxical silence.


Event 2#
Monday 6th September, 6PM

The lecture will be Online but we welcome you to join us and the IAC team at the Thinker Maker Space premises and follow the lecture from our workshops.

Steve Webb 
Structural Engineer & Founding Director at Webb Yates Engineers.
CEng, BEng (Hons), MIStructE 
Steve Webb founded Webb Yates Engineers with Andy Yates in 2005 based in the UK.  Since founding the company, he has led a number of prestigious and multi award-winning projects including 15 Clerkenwell Close, The Kantor Centre of Excellence for the Anna Freud Centre and The Hoover Building. Steve has pioneered the practice’s approach to innovation and sustainability. Encouraging the use of non-conventional materials, from cast iron to cork and from inflatables to stone, to design low carbon and environmentally conscious structures. In 2020, Steve was awarded the Milne Medal, for continuously challenging and redefining what is considered possible in structural design. 
He has extensive experience in working with stone, innovating and promoting its use as a sustainable structural material. He has collaborated closely with The Stonemasonry Company, architects and designers over the past 15 years to deliver a portfolio of international work which challenges the use of stone in architecture, work which spans from bespoke stone staircases, to load bearing, naturally finished façades. In 2020, his office curated and took part in ‘The New Stone Age’ exhibition at the Building Centre in London with Pierre Bidaud from the Stonemasonry Company and the Architect Amin Taha, surveying the contemporary use of structural stone. 



IAC Team

ANASTASIOU MISSERI by Michalis Anastasiou and Stephanie Misseri, based in Nicosia  @anastasiou.misseri

NVBL by Nichola Barrington-Leach, based in London  @n_v_b_l

LNCL by Leonhard Clemens, based in Berlin @leonard.clemens

++ by José Ignasio Vargas, based in Mexico City  @nasomx

DAS WILDE by Graham Baldwin, based in London  @i_v_e_s_

Archive for Space by Arabella Maza and Stephen Maginn, based in London @archive_for_space

WY by Pei Yong, based in Budapest @_wydesign