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Burn Residency Exhibition by Nemo Nonnenmacher

“καίω” Residency Exhibition by Nemo Nonnenmacher

Thinker Maker Space (TMS) of CYENS is pleased to be hosting the exhibition καίω (burn) that features the work developed by Nemo Nonnenmacher. During the 3 months of his residency at Thinker Maker Space, Nemo has been exploring the materiality of remnants collected from areas that were devastated by wildfires. The work reflects on the personal experience through the...
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Enter the Object - Photogrammetry, Game Engines and shared Online Spaces

Enter the Object Workshop

The CYENS Thinker Maker Space presents a workshop by its artist in residency Nemo Nonnenmacher. During this workshop we will look at how to use photogrammetry (in particular capturing objects with video) and the options artists have to quickly generate 3D models from 2D footage. Whilst giving an introduction to Software like Metashape (and talking...
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Turning the wheel: Mapping local materiality and its potential for CNC extrusion of clay and minerals

Turning the wheel

The CYENS Thinker Maker Space presents a two-week event focused on mapping local materiality and its potential for CNC extrusion. During the event our guest visitors Joëlle Bitton and Kevin Hinz will be exploring the opportunities afforded by clay extrusion together with local artists and practitioners Melita Couta, Souzana Petri and Vassos Demetriou, in a renewed engagement...
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Touch and glaze: A talk by Nemo Nonnenmacher

Touch and Gaze

The CYENS Thinker Maker Space presents a talk by its artist in residency Nemo Nonnenmacher. The talk will be giving insight into Nemo’s artistic practice, focusing on the processes – both physical and digital within his work – while presenting his recent projects, exhibitions and artworks. This will serve as a background to talking specifically...
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Data as Common Ground

In an era of ubiquitous data and technological progress, the growing cloud of information, tools and possibilities often overcasts dissonance rather than clarity. What are data, how are they sourced and disseminated, and how can they contribute towards societal and environmental welfare? CYENS CoE invites a diverse group of local technologists, industry, governmental and civil...
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SNAP! CRACKLE! POP! Experimental recording and sound design by Panagiotis Mina of Pyrgatory Studios

SNAP! CRACKLE! POP! Experimental recording and sound design

The CYENS Thinker Maker Space presents a two-day experimental recording and sound design workshop in collaboration with Panagiotis Mina of Pyrgatory Studios.
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The CYENS Thinker Maker Space presents a talk by its artist in residency, Leontios Toumpouris. Leading up to his solo exhibition titled Reconfiguring motions, Leontios Toumpouris will share the working method he developed during his residency at Thinker Maker Space.  
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Non-toxic Etching Workshop

The CYENS Thinker Maker Space presents a three-day printmaking workshop in collaboration with Evgenia Vasiloude and Efklides Papadopoulos, printmakers-artists and founding members of the Cypriot Printmakers Association.
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Silvio Photography of Objects

Photography of objects Workshop

The CYENS Thinker Maker Space presents a two-day photography workshop in collaboration with Silvio Rusmigo, a freelance documentary and commercial photographer based in Cyprus. 
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Lovenlight Exhibition & Workshop

The CYENS Thinker Maker Space in collaboration with Lovenlight present an exhibition featuring furniture and objects designed and crafted by Lovenlight. Join us on the opening night for a presentation on the Lovenlight path which is full of ideas and challenges that occur throughout the creative process. With learning through making as a core philosophy,...
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Work in Progress Showcase

CYENS is hosting the first Work in Progress (WIP) showcase; an arts & technology focused initiative that brings together creatives and technologists – local and visiting – with the aim to initiate a dialogue between disciplines and establish future collaborations.
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DIY Interactive Environments Workshop

The CYENS Thinker Maker Space presents a two-day workshop in collaboration with ROBO, a Cyprus based company working in the fields of electronics and robotics. The workshop will introduce participants to the world of custom electronics, robotics and programming by building several interactive projects. The workshop is aimed at creative individuals with curiosity to explore...
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creative biology, marisa satsia, cyens thinker maker space

Creative Biology Workshop

The CYENS Thinker Maker Space presents Marisa Satsia is a multidisciplinary artist and researcher that specialises in the intersections of visual arts, biology, medicine and technology.
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Resident Artists Exhibition

The CYENS Thinker Maker Space is hosting the first exhibition presenting works from the Artists in Residency program. The exhibition will feature the work of Marisa Satsia and Ibrahim Ince in a curated showcase which demonstrates their artistic process and outcomes whilst working at the makerspace.
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IAC International Architecture Collaboration

International Architecture Collaboration (IAC) Talks

International Architecture Collaboration (IAC), is a community of emerging international design studios, sharing knowledge, research, experience, resources and ideas to challenge and to inspire collective international design and research.
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Access requirements due to Covid-19

In response to the current situation, access to the CYENS – Thinker Maker Space will be allowed only to Safe Pass holders.
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Workshop Series: Design Futures

The Thinker Maker Space of CYENS is kick starting a workshop series with a three-day future-driven presentation.
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design talk

Design Talks Philippos Vassiliades

The CYENS Thinker Maker Space presents a series of online workshops by Philippos Vassiliades.
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Design Talk Stelios Mousarris

The CYENS Thinker Maker Space presents an online talk by Stelios Mousarris.
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We are back!

All Thinker Maker Space activity is resumed following the new regulations.
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lockdown cyprus

Update on new measures

Due to the current restrictions all makerspace public engagement is being suspended.
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Interview on Alpha TV

The Mayor of Nicosia (Δήμος Λευκωσίας), Mr Constantinos Yiorkadjis was featured today on “ΑLPHA Kalimera” (Alpha Κύπρου) to talk about the conclusion of the restoration of the building at Dimarchias Square, that will soon host the CYENS Centre of Excellence. Along with the other functions of the Centre, the CYENS – Thinker Maker Space will...
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New year and a new name for the centre of excellence RISE

RISE Up, Centre of Excellence- the Center for Research and Innovation in Cyprus that specializes in interactive media, smart systems and emerging technologies- is entering a new era with the introduction of a new name: CYENS.
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General Info

Thinker Maker Space / operates under CYENS Coe / Cyprus’s research Centre on interactive Media smart Systems end emerging Technologies. Thinker Maker Space A Multi-function Creative Space. Offering Rapid Prototyping and customised solutions through Digital Fabrication, Machining, Electronics and Mix-R equipment. CYENS Centre of Excellence CYENS focuses on Interactive media, Smart systems and Emerging technologies aiming...
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Informational Webinar

CYENS – Thinker Maker Space , INNOVATION AND ENTREPRENEURIAL SERVICES Online Webinar • 14:00 – 15:00 • Thursday 28th May 2020 SUMMARY: CYENS is in process of establishing a multi function creative space open to the public. A fabrication, rapid prototyping, electronics, Mix-R and machining laboratory. This space will critically help CYENS and Cyprus as...
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