Georgia Demetriadou
Georgia Demetriadou




Georgia graduated from the University of Cyprus with BA and Diploma in Architecture Engineering. Before starting her Internship at Thinker Maker Space, she practiced her skills in several architectural offices in Cyprus focusing mainly on minimal and luxury housing design. Georgia finds herself inspired by Korean architecture and especially the strategic design of minimum living space. Through university she developed her design skills in compact architecture and sustainable living, combined with co-living and co-existence between users.

Georgia also participated in a lot of Erasmus programs around Europe because she believes that she learns a lot from people coming from different cultures and nationalities, developing in that way her communication skills and building a network of people around the world. Through her participation in Erasmus+ and exchange programs she developed non formal education skills, learning about oxford debate, design thinking, problem solving, youth entrepreneurship skills and sustainable ways of living.

In her free time, she loves experiencing with row materials by creating unique handmade goods with mirrors, resin, concrete, gypsum and environmentally friendly soy wax, supporting in that way the local artist community.