Nicolina Stylianou
Nicolina Stylianou

Nicolina Stylianou

Resident Artist | TMS AIR


I am a visual artist who works with performance, sound, and sculpture. I hold a Masters of Arts (Theatre and Drama) from the Theatre Academy – University of the Arts Helsinki (FI), and a BA (hons) in Art & Design from Kingston University London (UK). I am a member at Artists’ Association MUU in Finland, and at Visual Artists and Art Theorists Association – phytorio in Cyprus. I am the artistic director at “SENSORIUM SPACE Happenings”: a mobile platform dedicated to engage with the art of living exhibits; and the founder of “Conjoined Fugue” performance collective, in Finland.

I am a practice-led and research-driven artist who, since 2016, designs and fabricates body-sculptures that produce sounds, turns objects into vital things by re-situating the mythical within contemporary settings, and performs with them live. The body-sculptures, is an artistic hybrid of multiple disciplines including: autobiography, philosophy, mythology, and history. My conceptual thought negotiates the state where objects are not yet identified, something I refer to as “pre-identification”. What interests me is to study how pre-identified objects breed perception. To reach this study, I relate to the perceptual state where the senses overwhelm the body to transgress cognition, and where noise manifests. I approach perception as an indeterminate organ produced by the complexities of the two elements: information and noise.

I conceive noise as an extended-body attached to information, and together, they sculpt what I refer to as Conjoined-twins. Through my creative work, I affiliate information and noise with Friedrich Nietzsche’s early philosophical thought found in the “Birth of Tragedy (1872)” about the Apollonian and the Dionysian. I am interested in the communication between the two that brings about the “in-between” state in perception: mind and body, self and an other, life and death, regression and liberation. For myself, this is the state where derealisation – the state of mind where reality ruptures – occurs.

I construct the Apollonian and Dionysian “in-betweenness” with the sound body-sculptures, and a thorough archival study on de-centring practices found in John Cage’s “indeterminacy” and “chance operation” methods. The latter, are methods I proceed with to collect data, so as to synthesise new artworks and systems that negotiate the indeterminate state of things and structures. Overall, my creative research motivates me to examine the mind-body, and to re-situate its self-organization, sensorium and performance at the 21st c.

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