Fungi Fuga - Material Experiments with yeast

Fungi Fuga is a project that was developed by Valerian Blos and Gosia Lehmann during their residency at Thinker Maker Space.

In a modern computer-aided workshop environment, there is little space for wilderness and randomness: each machine is a hyper-precise, controlled tool, resulting in crafting objects that are near perfect representations of their digital counterparts. During their residency at CYENS, the Berlin based artist-designer duo, Gosia Lehmann and Valerian Blos, experimented with the tensions between controlled and unpredictable processes.

Yeast, commonly used as an accelerator for fermentation or as the growth agent in baking, acted as a ‘collaborator’ in their experiments. The artists developed a technique to 3d print with fungi, allowing its ‘desire’ to grow and expand creating new forms and patterns.

The yeast expansion was preserved in alginate and finally casted into eight plaster tiles. The tiles include form experiments or elements of scientific illustrations, interpreted and deformed by fermentation and the yeast’s own agency.