Face Shields against Covid-19

Personal protection equipment


Joining the 100 + People pan-cyprian Maker/Hacker initiative, RISE Makerspace has been contributing in the production of Face Shield for the use by Nurses, Doctors, Police officers, and public employees that come in constant contact with the general public but also potentially with confirmed Covid-19 victims. 

UsePersonal Protection Equipment
Fabrication 3D Printing, Laser Cutting

Using PET material

Polyethylene terephthalate, commonly abbreviated PET is recyclable material which is easy to disinfect in a variety of methods, a versatile material whose natural flexibility  deems it to be very hard to brake and destroy with simple everyday use.


To the staggering amount totaling 3000+ easy to disinfect and reusable shields produced by the impromptu  pan-Cyprian maker/hacker community gather up, RISE makerspace has contributed by the creation of 700.



We would like to add a special thanks to Studioandlab for their aid in both designing and manufacturing this much needed equipment.
It has been a privilege working with you guys.