3d printing

Objects as tools for memory recollection

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A collection of exhibits led by our artist in residency Ibrahim Ince. His project focused on archival photographs and digital fabricated objects as tools of memory recollection. With our technicians assistance he digitally fabricated the objects remaining from his grandparents’ old house in Larnaca, which was abandon in 1974. Through processes such as 3D scanning […]

Soft Robotics

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Soft Robotics is an experimental project led by our first resident artist Marisa Satsia, that involves the design and fabrication of inflatable soft sculptures. These sculptures were made from flexible silicone which allows the flow of air to transform their shape and form, thus creating movement. Following the Soft robotics toolkit by the Harvard Bio […]

Custom V-Plotter Development

Hardware, software and part development (3D printed & laser cut parts) for custom V-Plotter, designed to further be drawing on big pieces of glass. Project by our intern Alexis Charalambous.

Camera face capture mocap for CYENS V-EUPNEA MRG

One size fits all, Face capture mocap for GoPro camera. Components were 3D modelled and 3D printed for CYENS MRG group V-Eupnea. Put together and prototyped, with V-Eupnea researchers, this simple entry-level facial motion capture headcam is already yielding results.

Anachoresis: Upon Inhabiting Distances

As Collaborators we couldn’t be more pleased today, when we received documentation from the Cyprus Pavilion “Anachoresis: Upon Inhabiting Distances”, part of the 17th International Venice Biennale Architecture Exhibition! Our Team had aided participants of the Cyprus pavilion in  #3d modeling #3dprinting  and documenting several of the artefacts featured in the above exhibition via our […]

Thinker Maker Space Technicians

During the last months Thinker Maker Space Technicians have been training and working with our equipment. They are experimenting with new materials, shapes, angles and possibilities.
CYENS -Thinker MAker Space, Cyprus Makerspace
Face shields for covid made at CYENS -Thinker MAker Space, Cyprus Makerspace

Face Shields against Covid-19

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In the everyday battle against the spreading of the corona virus, face mask and shields along with a general respect for public hygiene and hand washing have proven to be the best weapon. In the first 3 weeks of the spreading of the virus in Cyprus, public employees were left defenseless against the attack since […]