Custom V-Plotter Development

Hardware, software and part development (3D printed & laser cut parts) for custom V-Plotter, designed to further be drawing on big pieces of glass. Project by our intern Alexis Charalambous.

Camera face capture mocap for CYENS V-EUPNEA MRG

One size fits all, Face capture mocap for GoPro camera. Components were 3D modelled and 3D printed for CYENS MRG group V-Eupnea. Put together and prototyped, with V-Eupnea researchers, this simple entry-level facial motion capture headcam is already yielding results.

Anachoresis: Upon Inhabiting Distances

As Collaborators we couldn’t be more pleased today, when we received documentation from the Cyprus Pavilion “Anachoresis: Upon Inhabiting Distances”, part of the 17th International Venice Biennale Architecture Exhibition! Our Team had aided participants of the Cyprus pavilion in  #3d modeling #3dprinting  and documenting several of the artefacts featured in the above exhibition via our […]