head of aphrodite

Head of Aphrodite

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Bringing history to life! Our team partnered with the Department of Antiquities to create a stunning replica of the iconic marble Head of Aphrodite (Hellenistic period / Amathus, Limassol district, Cyprus). Using photogrammetry and 3D scanning at the Cyprus Museum, we crafted a true-to-life 3D model ready for 3D printing. Through this collaboration, we hope to […]

Infinite Wall

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The Infinite Wall is a collaborative project between Robo and Thinker Maker Space. The project aims to create large square blocks that are easily connected together to form an ‘infinite’ wall of XXL interactive pixels! Ideated, designed and developed from scratch by the team of Robo, the project began at the end of 2019. Since […]
infinite wall
cseo rockets


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The rocket project was hosted by CSEO during the summer of 2022 as an internship for people to familiarize themselves with rocket and space engineering. The aim of the project was to create a rocket engine, and more specifically a solid rocket motor to power a rocket of approximately one meter to fly up to […]