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Travelling Maps for the "NEMATA"

Travelling Maps for the “NEMATA” Participatory Project

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We have proudly contributed in “NEMATA”, the travelling participatory project organised by the Deputy Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Cyprus, by fabricating the custom maps of Cyprus and installing them at each designated location.

Geodesic Dome

The Geodesic Dome is an experimental project of the Thinker Maker Space (TMS) team; a dome structure with a variety of digitally fabricated modular joints designed to allow for it to be scaled up or down. Intending to afford flexibility to the user in creating different types and sizes of geodesic domes, the design offers […]
geodesic dome
paste extruder

Paste Extruder

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The custom, data-controlled (CNC) Paste Extruder, designed and built by the makerspace team, serves as a medium of engagement with local materiality. It also offers a platform for learning, teaching, and experimenting. It’s 1st task: 3D printing clay. Local and visiting collaborators helped bring this task to fruition during the “Turning the Wheel” event (11-23 […]

BE-HIVE Project

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We are proud to be part of the BE-HIVE project development team, along with CYENS SuPerWorld & LEAR MRGs and EMME-CARE Center. The project is driven by the common interest in the health of the bee population, that can be affected from many factors ranging from diseases to ambient temperature. 

Bionic Arm

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The Bionic Arm was fabricated as part of a workshop led by Dimitris Constantinides. Our technicians assisted throughout the project with the design and fabrication of the individual parts needed for the arm assembling, as well as with the programming of the overall prototype actions and responses to human interaction.

Kazanti “Azines”

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Azines is the first zine library in Cyprus, hosting creative zines from the local scene. On the occasion of the library’s one year since its establishment, Azines in collaboration with Thinker Maker Space and Studio and Lab has constructed a “Kazanti Azines” that was displayed during the library’s 1st birthday celebration party.
kazanti by azines library
free wifi signage

Smart Nicosia Free WiFi Signage

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Utilizing every opportunity to enhance technology in the digital era, the Municipality of Nicosia successfully applied for and secured a voucher, which was used for the installation of a free internet network at many central (city center) locations.

Inflated Liquidity Exhibition & Performance

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Inflated Liquidity is a body-sculpture instrument in its prototyping form developed during Nicolina Stylianou’s artistic residency at Thinker Maker Space. Inflated Liquidity – prototype 01, consists an air-generator, a body-sculpture, a soundbox and eight flue pipes. The body-sculpture hosts the air from the air-generator and through movement and pressure the performer sends the air to the […]
inflated liquidity
Boundary between order and chaos

Boundary between order and chaos

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“Boundary between order and chaos” was a project developed by media artist Jin Lee as part of his residency at Thinker Maker Space.

Sensor Experiments

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During her stay at Thinker Maker Space of CYENS, resident artist Jeanine Verloop further explored the link between the visitor and the artwork. In more detail, her prototypes investigated the integration of electronic sensors in her kinetic work in order to encourage the public’s further involvement. Thus the visitor’s movement around the artworks worked as […]
Sensor Experiments by jeanine verloop
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