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paste extruder

Paste Extruder

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The custom, data-controlled (CNC) Paste Extruder, designed and built by the makerspace team, serves as a medium of engagement with local materiality. It also offers a platform for learning, teaching, and experimenting. It’s 1st task: 3D printing clay. Local and visiting collaborators helped bring this task to fruition during the “Turning the Wheel” event (11-23 […]

BE-HIVE Project

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We are proud to be part of the BE-HIVE project development team, along with CYENS SuPerWorld & LEAR MRGs and EMME-CARE Center. The project is driven by the common interest in the health of the bee population, that can be affected from many factors ranging from diseases to ambient temperature. 
be-hive final design

Applying digital fabrication to traditional printmaking

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Our manager here at the CYENS Thinker Maker Space, Marios Constantinides was showcasing their methodology of applying digital fabrication to traditional printmaking. Featuring the use of laser cutting for linocuts and woodcuts via our Epilog Laser machine and printing via Cypriot Printmakers provided, newly revamped press.


An experimental project of the team, for creating different types of joints with laser cutting. After some time of trial and error a first prototype of a Geodome was assembled.

Bionic Arm

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The Bionic Arm was fabricated as part of a workshop led by Dimitris Constantinides. Our technicians assisted throughout the project with the design and fabrication of the individual parts needed for the arm assembling, as well as with the programming of the overall prototype actions and responses to human interaction.