BE-HIVE Project

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We are proud to be part of the BE-HIVE project development team, along with CYENS SuPerWorld & LEAR MRGs and EMME-CARE Center. The project is driven by the common interest in the health of the bee population, that can be affected from many factors ranging from diseases to ambient temperature. 

Infinite Wall

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The Infinite Wall is a collaborative project between Robo and Thinker Maker Space. The project aims to create large square blocks that are easily connected together to form an ‘infinite’ wall of XXL interactive pixels! Ideated, designed and developed from scratch by the team of Robo, the project began at the end of 2019. Since […]
infinite wall

Bionic Arm

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The Bionic Arm was fabricated as part of a workshop led by Dimitris Constantinides. Our technicians assisted throughout the project with the design and fabrication of the individual parts needed for the arm assembling, as well as with the programming of the overall prototype actions and responses to human interaction.

Inflated Liquidity Exhibition & Performance

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Inflated Liquidity is a body-sculpture instrument in its prototyping form developed during Nicolina Stylianou’s artistic residency at Thinker Maker Space. Inflated Liquidity – prototype 01, consists an air-generator, a body-sculpture, a soundbox and eight flue pipes. The body-sculpture hosts the air from the air-generator and through movement and pressure the performer sends the air to the […]
inflated liquidity
strings and fragments by Mihalis Shammas

Strings and Fragments

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During his residency at Thinker Maker Space, Mihalis Shammas worked on two parallel processes. The first one was a study on clay, fragments and vertical motion, to investigate complexities in the motion of elements that move in parallel lanes and against gravity. The study resulted in a large kinetic sculpture. In parallel, he worked on an […]

Boundary between order and chaos

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“Boundary between order and chaos” was a project developed by media artist Jin Lee as part of his residency at Thinker Maker Space.
Boundary between order and chaos
Sensor Experiments by jeanine verloop

Sensor Experiments

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During her stay at Thinker Maker Space of CYENS, resident artist Jeanine Verloop further explored the link between the visitor and the artwork. In more detail, her prototypes investigated the integration of electronic sensors in her kinetic work in order to encourage the public’s further involvement. Thus the visitor’s movement around the artworks worked as […]

“καιω” (burn) Exhibition

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“καίω” (burn) was a project developed and exhibited by Nemo Nonnenmacher during the 3 months of his residency at Thinker Maker Space. Nemo has been exploring the materiality of remnants collected from areas that were devastated by wildfires. The work reflects on the personal experience through the sense of touch and develops a new tactility […]
laser cut texture on wood & plastic

Traffic Lights Project

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Custom Traffic Lights placed in the Makerspace Workshop area, accessed via mobile through wi-fi. Customly programmed Arduino indicating availability of access to the space.

Upper limb motion tracking system development for lymphedema patients

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It was our pleasure assisting the CYENS HealthXR MRG intern Panagiotis Paspalides. The project focused on developing a wearable system for upper limb motion tracking, meant to be used in rehabilitation exercises by lymphedema patients.