ibrahim's exhibits

Objects as tools for memory recollection

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A collection of exhibits led by our artist in residency Ibrahim Ince. His project focused on archival photographs and digital fabricated objects as tools of memory recollection. With our technicians assistance he digitally fabricated the objects remaining from his grandparents’ old house in Larnaca, which was abandon in 1974.

Traffic Lights Project

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Custom Traffic Lights placed in the Makerspace Workshop area, accessed via mobile through wi-fi. Customly programmed Arduino indicating availability of access to the space.

Custom loom project

A project led by our resident artist Marisa Satsia. The makerspace technicians assisted with the design, laser cutting and assembling the wooden loom. The piece was one of her complementary exhibits during the artists in residency exhibition, that took place in the Thinker Maker Space in late September.