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Sculptural Storage Formats by Calin Segal

Sculptural Storage Formats

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As part of his residency at Thinker Maker Space, Calin Segal explored the concept of ‘sculptural storage devices’ where data is embedded into objects, sparking imagination rather than straightforward representation.

Kazanti “Azines”

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Azines is the first zine library in Cyprus, hosting creative zines from the local scene. On the occasion of the library’s one year since its establishment, Azines in collaboration with Thinker Maker Space and Studio and Lab has constructed a “Kazanti Azines” that was displayed during the library’s 1st birthday celebration party.
kazanti by azines library
Sensor Experiments by jeanine verloop

Sensor Experiments

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During her stay at Thinker Maker Space of CYENS, resident artist Jeanine Verloop further explored the link between the visitor and the artwork. In more detail, her prototypes investigated the integration of electronic sensors in her kinetic work in order to encourage the public’s further involvement. Thus the visitor’s movement around the artworks worked as […]