An experimental project of the team, for creating different types of joints with laser cutting. After some time of trial and error a first prototype of a Geodome was assembled.

Traffic Lights Project

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Custom Traffic Lights placed in the Makerspace Workshop area, accessed via mobile through wi-fi. Customly programmed Arduino indicating availability of access to the space.

Skateboards in the making

Skateboards assembled during summer Curiosity camp for kids, organised by CYENS Center of Excellence. All parts were designed and laser cut prior to the workshop by our technicians, in order for the participating kids to assemble and decorate.

Soft Robotics

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Soft Robotics is an experimental project led by our first resident artist Marisa Satsia, that involves the design and fabrication of inflatable soft sculptures. These sculptures were made from flexible silicone which allows the flow of air to transform their shape and form, thus creating movement.

Bust for the VR Headset

Laser cutting and assembling of wooden bust for the VR headsets, to be further used for exhibitions.

Custom loom project

A project led by our resident artist Marisa Satsia. The makerspace technicians assisted with the design, laser cutting and assembling the wooden loom. The piece was one of her complementary exhibits during the artists in residency exhibition, that took place in the Thinker Maker Space in late September.