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Travelling Maps for the "NEMATA"

Travelling Maps for the “NEMATA” Participatory Project

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We have proudly contributed in “NEMATA”, the travelling participatory project organised by the Deputy Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Cyprus, by fabricating the custom maps of Cyprus and installing them at each designated location.

Foldable Loom

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The FL project presets a working prototype of a foldable loom with the aim to develop an educational design-make tool that promotes and preserves cultural heritage and craft practices.
foldable loom
kazanti by azines library

Kazanti “Azines”

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Azines is the first zine library in Cyprus, hosting creative zines from the local scene. On the occasion of the library’s one year since its establishment, Azines in collaboration with Thinker Maker Space and Studio and Lab has constructed a “Kazanti Azines” that was displayed during the library’s 1st birthday celebration party.

Smart Nicosia Free WiFi Signage

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Utilizing every opportunity to enhance technology in the digital era, the Municipality of Nicosia successfully applied for and secured a voucher, which was used for the installation of a free internet network at many central (city center) locations.
free wifi signage
cseo rockets


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The rocket project was hosted by CSEO during the summer of 2022 as an internship for people to familiarize themselves with rocket and space engineering. The aim of the project was to create a rocket engine, and more specifically a solid rocket motor to power a rocket of approximately one meter to fly up to […]

Sensor Experiments

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During her stay at Thinker Maker Space of CYENS, resident artist Jeanine Verloop further explored the link between the visitor and the artwork. In more detail, her prototypes investigated the integration of electronic sensors in her kinetic work in order to encourage the public’s further involvement. Thus the visitor’s movement around the artworks worked as […]
Sensor Experiments by jeanine verloop