Avatar Body Workshop by resident artist Maria Leonidou






TMS – Thinker Maker Space

Thinker Maker Space (TMS) of CYENS presents a workshop by its resident artist Maria Leonidou.

The ‘Avatar Body’ workshop will focus on how a physical object can be transferred into a digital environment and will guide the participants through the procedures of 3D scanning, a basic intro to 3D modelling and how to import a 360 scene into a VR headset. Participants will have the opportunity to experience how to use a 3D scanner, gain some insight into how a 3D software operates and understand the logic behind VR experience. The outcome of the workshop will be the creation of a single 3D Avatar from the interaction/participation of the group in its making.

  • The workshop has limited spaces and registration is required
  • Registration & participation are free.
  • Participants need to have with them a laptop and a mouse.
  • No prior knowledge is required to join the workshop.
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Maria Leonidou


Maria Leonidou graduated from the University of Fine Arts in Thessaloniki. Part of her studies was completed at the School of Fine Arts of the Complutense University of Madrid. She holds a Master’s degree from the University of Fine Arts in Birmingham, UK. She has exhibited her work in various exhibitions and has participated in various projects and residencies. Her last project “Deforming Hybrids” was contracted in collaboration with the Cyprus University of Technology, the MADLab Research Laboratory and the CUTMakerspace. In March 2021 she collaborated with the performer Lia Haraki for the audiovisual installation ‘REEL’ at NiMac, Nicosia. Previously this year she presented her work “We have found a bug in your system” at the Experimental Arts Center of Thessaloniki. She is the founder of AZINES library that is hosted at Garage art-space. She currently lives and works in Cyprus and her work includes 3D modeling and art installations.

SOCIAL MEDIA   |   instagram/_marialeonidou_   |   facebook/maria.leonidou.3