Enter the Object - Photogrammetry, Game Engines and shared Online Spaces


27 June 2022




TMS – Thinker Maker Space

The CYENS Thinker Maker Space presents a workshop by its artist in residency Nemo Nonnenmacher.

During this workshop we will look at how to use photogrammetry (in particular capturing objects with video) and the options artists have to quickly generate 3D models from 2D footage. Whilst giving an introduction to Software like Metashape (and talking about alternatives), we will focus on experimenting with the potential of fast, imprecise and ‘low-fi’ workflows for artistic output, emphasising the errors and artefacts of the tools we have at hand (phone, cameras, etc.). Afterwards we will have a look at how to experience your models through the use of game engines (giving a basic overview of Spoke, Unreal Engine and Unity) and how to share it with others in online and interactive ‘multiplayer’ sessions like Mozilla hubs. As an example we will use Spoke as an easy-and-ready to use engine to create interactive rooms for our models, as well as testing access through web browsers and VR headsets. During the process will talk about the possibilities and limitations of such spaces for remote experience and collaboration, focusing on imagining narratives between the different objects generated by the participants, as well as looking at their inherent qualities compared to the physical world.

  • The workshop has limited spaces and registration is required
  • Registration & participation are free.
  • Participants need to have with them a mobile phone and a laptop.
  • No prior knowledge is required to join the workshop.
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Nemo Nonnenmacher


Nemo Nonnenmacher (b. 1988, Duisburg, Germany) is a visual artist based in Europe.

He uses photography, sculpture and Virtual Reality to explore the relationship between body and digital space, the connection between ‘physical’ and ‘virtual’. He creates immersive visual worlds, constantly testing and investigating new technologies. On the one a fascination with the democratic outset, the participatory ‘everyone is a creator’, on the other hand the awareness of how virtual environments and digital culture ‘grow’ into and dictate our daily lives.

Nemo holds an MA Photography from the Royal College of Art, London and has been artist in residence at THISISFAKE media art collective (Leipzig/Zeitz, DE, 2020), Summer Hall/Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop (Edinburgh, UK, 2019), Outset Contemporary Art Fund, 91-93 Baker Street (London, UK, 2018) and Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop (London, UK, 2018). From 2012 to 2017 he was a fellow of the German Academic Scholarship Foundation.

Selected exhibitions include ‘Authentic Spaces’ (THISISFAKE, Zeitz, DE, 2020), ‘Onslaught Undone’ (Meno Parkas, Kaunas, LIT, 2020), ‘Prototypen’ at Opelvillen Art and Culture Foundation (Rüsselsheim, DE, 2017), ‘Lo Stato delle Cose’ at Fondazione Fotografia (Modena, IT, 2016), and ‘Emerging Artists’ at U, Center for the Arts and Creativity (Dortmund, DE, 2015).

From 2018-21 Nemo was the Associate Director of artist-led Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop in London, UK.

He currently works between London, UK and Agios Nikolaos, West Mani, Greece.



SOCIAL MEDIA   |   instagram/nemo.nonnenmacher   |   facebook/nemo.nonnenmacher

WEBSITE   |  www.nemononnenmacher.com