1-3 February 2022*




TMS – Thinker Maker Space

The CYENS Thinker Maker Space presents a three-day printmaking workshop in collaboration with Evgenia Vasiloude and Efklides Papadopoulos, printmakers-artists and founding members of the Cypriot Printmakers Association.




A three-day workshop where participants will be introduced to different applications of digital image processing (artwork/sketches etc) and engraving. The printing process although mainly traditional, will consist of  sustainable as well as experimental aspects of printing, using green and non-toxic materials along with digital fabrication practices.



Traditional and Digital non-toxic Printmaking methodology and practice

by Efklides Papadopoulos & Eugenia Vasiloude (founding members of the Cypriot Printmakers Association) in collaboration with Alatou Press


Traditional and Digital non-toxic Printmaking practices

by Efklides Papadopoulos & Eugenia Vasiloude (founding members of the Cypriot Printmakers Association)


Experimentation on Digital Fabrication and Printmaking relationships and execution

by Efklides Papadopoulos & Eugenia Vasiloude (founding members of the Cypriot Printmakers Association) with the support of the makerspace technicians


– The workshop will be conducted in three parts, therefore participants should be able to attend all 3 days* of the workshop.
– No prior knowledge is required to join the workshop.
– The workshop has limited spaces and registration is required.
– It is suggested that the participants bring with them 1-2 drawings they wish to work with.

Registrations & participation are free.
– Although, participants may have to pay the cost of any additional paper they will be using during the workshop.

Thank you for your interest.
Registrations are now closed since the workshop is fully booked.


The idea of establishing a Model Printmaking Workshop was initiated by the need to practice the fine art of contemporary printmaking within a suitably equipped space and to promote printmaking as a form of art in Cyprus.

Since its inception, the Model Printmaking Workshop–CCFA has hosted a significant number of notable events. Several organized workshops, lectures and exhibitions, aiming to arouse the interest of the artistic public in original engraving artwork and its aesthetic value. The Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture have acted as vital supporters of Cypriot Printmakers Association from the very beginning.

The association aims at the development and growth of printmaking in Cyprus and at promoting the art of printmaking as being on a par with all other media of artistic expression. Additionally, intends to launch contemporary actions on printmaking that will encourage collaboration with various cultural organizations in Cyprus and abroad.


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Evgenia Vasiloude is a printmaker from Cyprus. She studied at Kiev’s State School of Fine Arts (1981-1988), where she was trained in drawing, painting, woodcut, linocut, lithography, calligraphy, etching and graphic design and history of Art. She graduated with a Master’s in Fine Arts. 

From 1992 to this day she has presented her work in six solo exhibitions in Cyprus. In collaboration with the Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia, her printmaking pieces were shown in the framework of an artistic intervention, as if conversing with the Museum’s embroidery collections. Vasiloude has also participated in Biennales and other printmaking exhibitions in Cyprus and abroad. At the 9th International Biennale of Cairo, in 2003, she was awarded the second prize for her work “Hymn to Demeter”. 

The female figure initially prevailed as a theme in her work, with references to mythology, the goddess of nature and fertility. Today she looks at topics pertaining to nature, the environment and female identity.

Works by Vasiloude make part of the State Collection of Contemporary Cypriot Art, as well as of bank and private collections. She teaches in Public Secondary Education since 1989. She is a founding member of “Cypriot Printmakers” a Non Profit Organization for printmaking, with whom she has collaborated for putting on exhibitions, events and printmaking workshops.

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Efklides Papadopoulos studied Fine and Graphic Arts in South Africa, majoring in Printmaking. On his return to Cyprus in 1990, he has been involved in graphics, moving images, and video production, aside from printmaking.

He was invited to participate in several group exhibitions hosted in cultural foundations and museums in Cyprus, Greece, France, the United States, the United Kingdom, and South Africa. In February 2009 he presented his first solo exhibition at OPUS39 gallery, Nicosia.

His themes are mainly anthropocentric, prompted by considerations over the contemporary Cypriot society, approached by means of abstraction and personal semiology.  

He is one of the founding members of the “Cypriot Printmakers Association”, having played an active role in curating printmaking exhibitions in Cyprus and abroad, but also in the administration of organized events intended to promote the Cypriot printmaking art.

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