on the process of making


23 NOVEMBER 2022




TMS – Thinker Maker Space

Thinker Maker Space of CYENS is pleased to present On the Process of Making an artist talk by resident artist Jeanine Verloop, that will be followed by a showcase of her prototypes that were designed and created during her residency.

During her residency at Thinker Maker Space Jeanine Verloop has been exploring the link of the visitor to her kinetic work by experimenting with various prototypes and sensors. ‘On the Process of Making’ is a presentation of her work and the processes behind it. In her talk she will go into further depth regarding her learning curve, tools, and strategies. In addition to showcasing her prototypes and sharing the knowledge she has acquired over her residency, Jeanine will conclude the session by making her files available for anybody to improve upon and develop. Emphasizing that no work of art exists in a void.

  • The talk has limited spaces and registration is required.
  • Registration & participation are free.
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Jeanine Verloop


Jeanine Verloop (Korendijk, The Netherlands, 1994) makes kinetic sculptures and multimedia work in which she combines her love for craft with a fascination for technology. During her Illustration education (2018) at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam she was already interested in the technique of old printing and typewriters. Verloop delved into their mechanisms and biological principles of movement and made this the starting point for a number of kinetic printing installations. 

Gradually, the machines themselves became more important than the prints they reproduced. During exhibitions Verloop experienced the fragility of her machinery. To emphasize and exaggerate that fragility Verloop independently started practicing Scientific Glassblowing. 

Her most recent works Symbiote en Evanescent are almost completely constructed out of Borosilicate glass. The works are machines that seem to destroy themselves. The glass gears and glass chains threaten to get stuck in twisted shapes and this process releases ink. Verloop sees the work as a deconstructive performance, in which she herself has assumed the role of assistant. 

WEBSITE   |   jannetjejeanine.nl

SOCIAL MEDIA   |  instagram/jannetje.jeanine