Stella Taousiani
Stella Taousiani

Stella Taousiani

Design Desk Officer


Stella holds a BA and Diploma in Architecture Engineering from the University of Cyprus, as well as an MA in Industrial Design from Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London.

Throughout her academic journey and professional experience, Stella has cultivated a profound passion for strategic, user-centered design. Her expertise spans across multiple design disciplines, including architecture, urban design, service design, UX design, and teaching.

Believing that design serves as a reflection of society, Stella draws inspiration from her interactions with diverse cultures and people. She recognises the power of design to shape and impact the world around us.

Stella’s global outlook is reflected in her extensive international experiences. Having lived, studied, and worked in various vibrant cities such as Nicosia, Lisbon, Barcelona, London, and Athens, she has gained a rich understanding of different design perspectives and cultural contexts.

In addition to her professional pursuits, Stella is actively engaged in social innovation. She has volunteered in numerous training courses and design workshops throughout Europe, contributing her skills and knowledge to projects that promote positive change in society.


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